UNA UK PEOPLE - The United Nations Association of the United Kingdom is dedicated to furthering the objects of the UN. As members of the organisation, we are committed to helping by looking for and experimenting with potential solutions to pollution and climate change.



The United Nations Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UNA-UK) - a civil society organisation founded in 1945 - has been a leading advocate for the UN since its inception. In fact, the Association pre-dates the UN. Growing out of the League of Nations Union, it held its first meeting before the UN Charter had been finalised.

As the country's leading source of independent analysis on the UN, we have sought to build a better understanding of the challenges facing the world. Through our work with decision-makers, we have championed multilateral solutions to these challenges. By working with practitioners and experts, we have endeavoured to strengthen international law and cooperation. By providing education and volunteering opportunities for young people, we have helped to equip new generations of internationalists. By demonstrating why the UN matters, we have encouraged people to act on their responsibilities as global citizens. And by connecting people in the UK to the UN, we have made the case that the UN is an indispensable tool for the UK, and that support by the UK government – a key player at the UN – is necessary for international initiatives to succeed.

More than six decades later, the need for the UN – and UNA-UK – has never been greater. Together with our UK-wide network of members and supporters, and our partner UN Associations across the world, we continue to make the case for a strong, credible and effective UN and campaign for a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.

UNA-UK is primarily financed from grants, subscriptions and donations from members and funding for events. UNA-UK is grateful for all these sources of income, and in particular for the significant grants it received during the past and current financial years from the following trusts, foundations and organisations:

* Danish Embassy
* MacArthur Foundation (via the World Federalist movement - Institute for Global Policy)
* Marmot Trust
* Polden Puckham
* The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
* The FUNDS Project

Historically, the UNA Trust has provided significant funding to UNA-UK in order to achieve the objects of the Trust, which are identical to those of UNA-UK. In 2012, the two organisations agreed to "merge" into a single charitable entity. The Trust has now transferred its assets to UNA-UK and is effectively a dormant body.





Warm welcome

Meet and greet new and old faces before UNA-UK staff give an overview of the day 

Expert interaction

Our keynote speaker is Jeremy Gilley, Founder of Peace One Day, who spearheaded a campaign that has seen a General Assembly resolution unanimously adopted by UN member states, marking 21 September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on the UN International Day of Peace.

He shares his experience and expertise on making change in communities at a local, national and international level. You'll also get the chance to ask questions

'Keeping Britain Global' on a local level

Get acquainted with seasoned activists who will take it in turns to talk about their experience campaigning on different areas of UNA-UK's work. You'll get a chance to pick their brains when they lead group sessions in the afternoon

Networking lunch

Share a sandwich lunch over informal conversation with other members and the UNA-UK team


Set the scene

UNA-UK staff will talk about why taking action on a local level is so important in holding the UK government to account for its actions on the world stage

Committing to take action

Whether its nuclear disarmament, peacekeeping or another area of our work, you'll work with your group leader and put your ideas to the test to come up with one campaign action that you could take to your community

Action auction

This is your chance as a group to sell your idea. Pitch your campaign action to the crowd to find out who will pledge to take action with you.

After the event, UNA-UK will follow up with attendees and provide the resources you need to fulfil your pledge

Staying connected (members only section)

You'll be invited to ask questions to UNA-UK's staff on the work they’re doing and the challenges and opportunities they face




National Council Voluntary Organisations (NVCO)

8 Old Saints Street

London, N1 9RL







United Nations Association - UK

3 Whitehall Court,
United Kingdom


Tel: + 44 207 766 3454 

Fax: + 44 207 000 1381

General enquiries:



Media enquiries


UNA-UK is the UK's leading independent policy authority on the UN. Our staff and the members of our expert Advisory Panel can speak on issues relating to the work of the United Nations.


All interview requests should be directed to Fred Carver on 020 7766 3445 or carver@una.org.uk

Urgent media inquiries outside of normal office hours should be emailed to media@una.org.uk and will be automatically forwarded to a relevant person




Natalie Samarasinghe, Executive Director


Tel: + 44 207 766 3454

Email: saad@una.org.uk


Angie Pankhania, Deputy Director (Finance and Governance)


Tel: + 44 207 766 3456



Ben Donaldson, Head of Campaigns


Tel: + 44 207 766 3448



Fred Carver, Head of Policy


Tel: + 44 207 766 3445



Natalie Saad, Administrative Officer


Tel: + 44 207 766 3454



Laurel Hart, Outreach & Campaigns Officer


Tel: + 44 207 766 3456
Email: hart@una.org.uk


Melody Barreau, Administrative Assistant


Tel: + 44 207 766 3454

Email: barreau@una.org.uk





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