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We are turning our farmland into deserts all over the world. The ice caps are melting raising sea levels and we are annihilating species by the bucket load. All of this means that world politics has failed the planet at the expense of the powerful kleptocratic corporations that control many puppet politicians. Desertification proceeds apace, the beginning of the end: Armageddon.





There are none so blind as those who will not see. Oil revenues of $2.8 billion dollars a day, give fossil fuel corporations the power to control the media, and pay thousands of climate deniers to, effectively, lie in such a manner as to confuse the voting public.




To be able to continue selling carcinogenic fuels, for profit. It's all about the money.


For over forty years oil companies have been warming up the planet, creating deserts of previously arable land. Car and trucks makers are also responsible, as are shipping companies, for building vehicles that have been polluting our atmosphere.


When they could have been building zero emission vehicles based on renewable hydrogen. Except that nobody wanted to invest in the infrastructure for electric vehicles.


Politicians in the pockets of the oil conglomerates, are equally to blame, for not enacting laws to prevent destruction of the planet, melting of the icecaps, and extinction of millions of animals - now including man himself.


What we need is a new breed of politician, who is not out to get elected to a position of power for personal gain, but to help recover the world for future generations.


Is that likely?


Not very. But we live in hope, that the emergency situation will make doing the right thing, become a voting issue. 







FOR OUR CHILDREN - European Maritime Day: The children of Burgas present Alberto Laplaine Guimarães with a gift from the Bulgarian City. Sustainable growth and aims for a circular economy are for our children and their children, and their children, and their children - lest we forget why we are working to clean our act up. As trustees of planet earth we should hand the world to our successors in better shape than we found it. Copyright photograph June 1 2018 Cleaner Ocean Foundation.






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Climate Change is harmful to all life on earth