The Elizabeth Swan worlds fastest solar powered boat


THE ELIZABETH SWAN - A 1:20th scale test tank model of the Elizabeth Swan is under construction, forming part of a number of hull experiments for autonomous ocean going platforms, such as the SeaVax.


The objective is to demonstrate that cargo ships and cruise liners might ply the waves without contributing to acid oceans.


The world navigation record is held by Planetsolar. The Swan could set a new world record as well as being a star in any dramatization of the Kulo Luna story.



The Elizabeth Swan has an active hull that for the main part rides under the water to reduce wave and skin friction drag. Above the water, robotics control the energy harvesting apparatus to maximize the efficiency of a relatively small solar panel collection area. The Swan was named after Elizabeth Swann, the fictional character in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean series of adventure films played by Kiera Knightley.


The Elizabeth Swan is an advanced boat inherited and completed by another fictional character, John Storm, in time for him to enter the worlds first solar circumnavigation boat race starting and ending in Hawaii. This is a fictional adventure story intended to increase ocean awareness. The Swan is said to be the world's fastest solar powered vessel with twin solar arrays that track the sun and quad wind turbines as the power source; all harvesting free energy from nature.


Fiction melds into reality in that the vessel from the story is being made for tank testing, to see how well it might perform, just in case we decide that the performance is sufficiently interesting to stage a real record attempt.




SWING SPONSONS  - This is one of the outriggers that move to compensate for increases or reduction in displacement. They can also be used to capture wave energy for propulsion.




ZERO CARBON TRANSPORTA dream at the moment but one day soon we hope that it may become a reality - this is a 1/20th scale model of (potentially) the worlds fastest solar powered vessel. The world circumnavigation record is held by the PlanetSolar. If we can raise the speed of crossing major oceans in ships powered by nature, we can reduce the carbon dioxide that is raising acid levels. Jamie is seen here offering up the component parts that slot into a jig for accurate assembly. Jamie is a conservationist new to the project, learning fresh skills that he might apply in other walks of life.




FOLDING - Flat sheets of metal have no strength. By folding the edges, and is some cases including corrugations, what was bendy and unable to take loads suddenly becomes rigid and load bearing.  Ten year old Ryan is learning how to make large models from sheet metals. Copyright photographs © Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd. All rights reserved.







FABRICATION - From flats sheets of alloy we marked out then cut the developments of the Elizabeth Swan from AutoCad drawings that are adequately dimensioned, such as to be able to transfer and scale up into a 1/20th scale model. The aluminium cutting list then moves to folding and finally to joining. At this scale we can hand form the sheet and join the formed sections using ordinary pop-rivets, a jig saw, tin snips and grips of various sizes and shapes. These sections may be welded or brazed to add strength, but only after fixings are used to secure dimensional accuracy. Copyright photographs 24 November 2018 © Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd. All rights reserved.



Kulo Luna sinks a Japanese pirate whaling ship by the light of a full moon


KULO LUNA - Is the story of a giant humpback whale and her friend Kana, who is killed by pirate whalers in the south pacific ocean. Enraged by the death of the young whale, Kulo attacks the pirate ship, finally sinking it, but getting herself wounded in the process.


A Japanese cartel put a $multi-million dollar bounty on her head, when another whaling ship gives chase. Before not too long the media hear of the hunt and betting begins all around the world. At this point our hero, Johnny Storm, abandons a solar boat race to try and help the whale where his boat, the Elizabeth Swan, is not far away from the last sighting.


John rescues Kulo from being eaten by sharks, but that is just the beginning of their adventure, as the pirates whalers close in for the kill ........ 

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