WELCOME ALL!  This website is sponsored by the Cleaner Ocean Foundation, Bluebird Marine Systems (who were funded by Avaaz in 2016) and many other contributors too many to mention here. Collectively, our supporters are dedicated to growing the blue economy for a sustainable future world where there would be food security and energy abundance for all regardless of geographical or political boundaries.


The following sectors are considered by most organizations to be of considerable importance and we will be focusing our attentions on these areas in order of importance, in the hope of accelerating blue growth:



* Autonomous Surveying

* Aquaculture

* Biomedicines & biotechnology
* Coastal Tourism

* Communications - cables, pipes routes surveys

* Fishing - Enforcing limits, reducing by-catch

* Green Ships, cruising & cargo

* Harbour development
* Marine Environmental Monitoring



* Marine Innovation

* Marine Research & Development

* Ocean Energy - Tidal, Wave & Wind
* Oil & gas drilling activities (reductions)

* Persistent Monitoring, satellites, drones

* Satellite ocean monitoring 

* Seabed Mining - (halting harmful ecological methods)

Water treatment, waste, ocean pollution
* Work at sea conditions




Can we feed the world using aquaculture?


DWINDLING FISH STOCKS - Food security is a major problem the world will have to face as the available land for to grow crops reduces in competition with land for housing, as the population expands. The situation is far from sustainable and a bubble that will burst. When the bubble bursts it will cause the deaths of millions of people, where additional farming will create more carbon dioxide to heat the climate, making more land barren in a vicious circle that we must take steps to prevent happening.


Around 10% of the world (700,000,000 million people) rely on the ocean for food, but in addition to our poor land management record, we are also polluting the seven seas with plastic that is toxic - so reducing the number of fish that we might harvest for food.



ABOUT OUR BLUE GROWTH A-Z  - We are just one of literally hundreds of concerns doing their best to promote Blue Growth around the world, with the Circular Economy firmly embedded as the driver. There are so many organizations involved in this worthy cause that it is sometimes difficult to see at a glance where the initiatives are in place and where more attention is needed.


That is why we thought it helpful to have an A to Z index of the projects that are taking place, planned for the future, or have taken place as examples of progress. It is also helpful to us to know who our potential international partners are. We only started compiling our Index in May of 2016, but we hope that by this time next year to have a comprehensive listing of contributors to blue growth and current state of the art.


A VAST RESOURCE - The ocean is a vast resource that is underutilized in terms of energy generation and over fished to feed a growing world population as land is being absorbed to build on for housing and factories, so reducing agricultural potential. In short, we are exhausting our natural resources in order of ease - for maximum profits - a short term strategy. It is easier for us to take all the fish we can in the short term and fill the ocean with garbage and not worry about the consequences today.


The use of plastic for packaging is just one horrifying example of major stakeholders using the most convenient means to get their product to market, while ocean literate policy makers watch marine life suffer as they grapple with ways to juggle economics and morals, hoping for a miracle.



SeaVax blue growth ocean cleaning technology


OCEAN CONDITIONER - This vessel is designed to operate in fleets to target ocean waste before it settles on the ocean floor where nobody can recover it. There is nothing like it in existence today, though other ideas for trapping plastic waste are being developed, such as that of Boyan Slat and the Seabin.



SEAVAX - For our part, we will be doing all we can to bring to the table a blue water prototype of this ocean cleaning vessel - where waste and the health of the seven seas appear to us to be a high priority. The Cleaner Oceans Foundation will be publishing news articles on this website in the hope of stimulating research today for a brighter blue economy tomorrow. Please note that progress on this project is funding dependent. At the moment the planned build stages of this versatile platform cannot proceed until sufficient backing is obtained. We are an independent not for profit organization reliant on voluntary donations to progress this important work, we are not supported by any government fund or other governmental group or organization.




BLOCKER - The opposite of blue growth and something that is a serious menace is the accumulating mountain of plastic under the sea where we cannot see it. The only evidence of this for landlubbers is coastal pollution on our shores that we only see on holiday and in the occasional media article and soon forget as we return to our office desks and factories.






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